Basically, podcasts are a non-live online-based radio that you can listen for free and on the go. One of the main sources for streaming podcasts is the Apple Podcast application.  

Podcasts are quite just like audio TV. This means that you can listen to a radio show on any subject of any genre, such as Through Black Eyes: unfiltered. Typically, podcasts air every week. Thus, it is simple to get a weekly schedule on your preferred subject.  

A lot of people are living podcasts. Here are several benefits of listening to them: 

Ideal for People Who Do Prefer Audiobooks  

There are a lot of narrative podcasts available to fit your needs if you like fiction but you do not have time to read, or if you are not interested in reading. The majority of podcasts are free, unlike most audiobooks nowadays. However, there are a couple of podcasts that need a monthly subscription for a low price. However, there are only a couple of them. This means that you can listen and tune in to almost all podcasts without spending any cash. A lot of podcasts, such as Alice Is Not Dead, are series that tell the continuation of a story every week. These are excellent if you love to binge-listen.  

Podcasts Can Keep You Company 

Turn on a podcast if you are alone and you need some company. This recommendation possibly appears a bit sad. However, podcasts can help fill your loneliness if you are feeling like that. A lot of people find that listening to individuals talking is much less isolating compared to listening to music alone. For several individuals, it unnerves them when they listen to people talking. However, for several individuals, it does the opposite. For times like these, a podcast that provides a chill conversation is perfect.  

Better Way to Pass Time 

Whenever you ride your car, a podcast can be your go-to. A long-hour drive can become a little less boring if you listen to your favorite podcast. For several individuals, hearing people chat makes the time pass much faster compared to listening to music. In addition to that, it is better to spend a lot of time hearing something interesting that will help you learn something new compared to being alone with your thoughts.  


If you listen to a comedy podcast, you are like watching a comedy on a TV without having to pay attention to your bright TV screen. Oftentimes, it is great to simply listen to relaxing materials. You can simply listen to funny discussions without having to think. 

Excellent Source of Information 

You can get a lot of knowledge on a huge range of topics and subjects. This greatly depends on the kind of podcast you listen to. 

You can learn new things on literally any topic, from Film and TV to Arts. So, if you want to know more about a certain subject, you can always tune-in to a podcast. Chances are there is a show about that topic you want to learn.